Physicians and Random depression


There are different depression facts that are told and discussed by many physicians.

These depression facts are helpful for the people to understand their conditions. Many past abuses like emotional, physical and sexual abuse can cause depression.

The depressed people may get conflicts with the family members and even friends. Depression can also be caused by some positive events in the life such as getting married or getting a new job.

In the world, women are attacked by depression more than men.

This fact is true because women get depression mostly in the process of child birth and delivery. At the middle age, people face increased risk of getting depressed.

It is also one of the depression facts, that the people who are attacked by depression has a greater risk to suffer from osteoporosis.

In the United States, depression can cause mental illness of the body. According to the survey, about 6% of children get depression.

Old aged people are more likely to be attacked by depression rather than the younger ones.

A depressed person gets colder more frequently rather than a normal person. They have great chances of heart attack and many other diseases.

Depressed people get more influence with the devil spirits. The life span of depressed people becomes short just like the patients with cancer.

The pregnant women that are attacked by depression can get rid of it using omega 3 present in fish.

Depression Facts in Children

People become obese after getting depression.

People feel loneliness and do not able to behave like normal people.

In the periodic depression, the people face shocks of depression at the same time after some regular period. Most of the depressed people are attacked by a number of other diseases. Depressed people do not feel relaxed enjoyed by a number of people.

So there are many depression facts that tell the truth about depression and its causes.

All these facts are true and they cannot be denied. Many researchers have researched about a number of situations and factors.

If you feel any symptom of depression, do inform your doctor so that you can get immediate treatment.